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Happy Endings [Aug. 9th, 2004|08:25 pm]
Random Drabbles


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Oh nuts! I did not realize until I came in to post this that the newest challenge was Secrets, not Happy Endings. I hope that does not matter...

Let's see. LJ name is controls_lady, fandom is the 80s television show "The Equalizer" (do not make them like that anymore). Canon characters are Robert McCall(the ex-CIA agent), Control (his ex-boss and friend, I have given him the last name of Blaisdell), and Mickey Kostmayer (Robert's friend and a current CIA operative). Original characters are Teri (Control's wife and another CIA agent), and Holly (Control and Teri's daughter, probably in her late childhood or early teens here).

No ship. Rated G.

Disclaimer. Of course, all the canon characters, and the show are the property of Michael Sloan et. all. I don't have anything worth anything, so it would be a big bother to sue me. I promise to put everyone back nicely when I am done... :)

EQ Happy Endings #1

“You can not be serious.” Robert McCall stared at his ex-colleague and old friend. “Mickey Kostmayer made it from Afghanistan to New York in three days, without Company assistance. He would not get lost between the airport and here!”


A sharp rap on the closed office door interrupted him. “Come.”

The door opened slightly, then Teri’s head poked around it.

“Hi Robert.” She tossed a quick smile his way, but her eyes focused on her husband. "Coming?”

He glanced down at his calendar then glared at the scribbles.

“I can’t.” He tossed his glasses onto the big desk, then wiped his eyes.

“When will you?” She snapped. “Not tonight. Not tomorrow night? Or will you be ready then? That’s all she has left.” Blue eyes clashed with blue. “Bad enough you could not make it opening night.” Robert barely heard that final growl. She yanked her head back, then slammed the door.

Seconds later it slammed again as Robert left to catch up with her.

“Uncle Robert!” Holly’s glad cry rose above the backstage hubbub. She shoved her way through, then hugged him quickly so her stage makeup would not mess his suit. "Mom said you might come tonight. Mickey said he would.” If she saw the flash of exchanged looks over her head, she ignored it. “And Dad?”

“Maybe tomorrow night.” Teri said carefully. Holly’s light dimmed. Her shoulders slumped a fraction.

“Hey – “ Teri began softly.

“Blaisdell, where are you?” A gruff professor’s voice echoed through the rooms. Holly snapped together, her brightness rekindling, and dashed away.

“Break a leg!” Teri called behind her.

Somehow, they miraculously found a single stretch of four empty seats.

“Sure these are not saved?” Robert mumbled as they settled in.

“Hear anyone screaming?” Teri muttered back.

Robert’s skin soon prickled. He glanced around the room, then relaxed when he spotted a familiar profile across the way.

Looking a bit worse for wear, Mickey nodded briefly.

“Mickey.” Robert said under his breath.

“Third row, right side.” Teri answered from the corner of her mouth. Then she smiled broadly. “He is here.”

The lights dimmed for the final warning. A tall silhouette stopped at the far end of the row, then a familiar deep voice excused himself past. Accustomed to darkness, Robert hid a smile as Control lowered into his seat then slid his free arm around his wife.

When the last curtain dropped and the lights came up, Robert watched close and quick to see Control dust his wife’s hair with a kiss. Then they were all on their feet, joining the loud standing ovation.

“I like well-acted plays that end well.” Someone said behind them.

All four of them ended up backstage together, waiting on the heroine.

“Hi Mickey!” Holly bounced toward them. She looked higher, behind him, and joy spread across her face. Her bounce became a run. Barefaced, she grabbed her Father and hugged him tightly.

“You were fantastic!” He told her; her face glowed.

Standing between Robert and Mickey, Teri sighed.

“I love happy endings.” The others agreed silently.

I'm a closet romantic, what can I say? :).