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Anything Goes

random drabbles

Random Drabbles
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This is a community brought to you by the wonderful, beautiful, amazingly talented topazangel. In other words, me.

Here are the rules:

1. Challenges will be posted Monday night (Around 7pm central time).
2. Challenges will be closed the following Monday night (around 6pm Central Time).
3. Fandom. Non fandom. It doesn't matter. Anything goes.
4. Anything above a PG-13 rating (meaning R or NC17) must have a cut tag and a clear warning.
5. Any drabble with spoilers from a TV Show/movie MUST be behind a cut tag with a clear warning.
6. Must be no more than 1000 words. Less is okay (Just don't go under like 100 words. I don't want to see any 25 word fics or anything).
7. No flaming. Constructive critisism shouldn't be a problem, but don't be harsh. If you flame, I'll kick your ass from the community. Fast.
8. Post as many fics as you come up with. :)
9. When you post a fic makes sure you include the following: Your name (pen name, lj name, whatever), the fandom, the characters and/or ship (though its not nessecary that there is a ship at all), the rating, and a disclaimer.
10. I can add/change the rules at anytime. Don't think I won't.

Remember, anything goes. It can be any fandom, any pairing, any rating, or it can be original.

Hence the random.